Solar energy and reuse – a Child’s Play?

This morning I had an astonishing conversation with my 4-year-old son. The child's logic revealed again that ecological principles actually are too easy to understand. It all started with a youtube video of the recent hyperloop pod competition. The Tunnel video itself wasn't self-explaining, so I described it as "a new version of the subway. Much faster, so... Continue Reading →

Who’s in bed with whom

A quite simple graphic. But it reveals interesting touch points of technology and automotive industry. Read the full article here. Illustration by

Clarity cards just arrived

Just received my deck of Clarity Cards by @thnkclrly . Great project and thanks, Mathias! I'm curious to take them on a test drive. How do you use them and what did they help you with?

Starting a themed week

Switching context slows me down. Inability to find a meeting with 3+ colleagues within 2 upcoming days tires me. Now it's time to make an attempt to change that: I'm picking up the idea of a "themed week". That means I put my most prominent recurring activities into a weekly framework. Every day will be... Continue Reading →

Flüchtlinge – Ich bin einer von ihnen

[This post is a bit off-topic to the rest of my blog, but it's a topic of personal concern I want to share. It's German first, English might follow soon] Die neusten Ereignisse an Europas Grenzen berühren mich tief. Menschen fliehen aus ihrer Heimat auf der Suche nach einem menschenwürdigen Leben. Wenn nicht sogar einem... Continue Reading →

The 5th event of the future mobility camp series took place this Friday. A welcome occasion for networking with the regional experts from industry partners, universities and public projects. Needless to say that it was a great chance to meet my former car2go and moovel colleagues as well. After being hosted in Berlin and Dresden, the Future Mobility... Continue Reading →

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