A cool Lego Calendar

A while ago I stumbled over an appealing idea: Use LEGO for calendaring. It makes planning across a team easier, delivers instant overview and adds a tactile element which makes the whole thing much more fun.

I did a quick research which showed that the idea is not brand new. Many people have created calendars by putting colored bricks on LEGO plates, but the most appealing one – how I find – is the one from a London agency “vitamindesign”. I quickly want to show you how that works.

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Relax. It’s not always a competition!

Last weekend I had the chance to go skydiving again, the second time this year (see some photos,Thanks Chris Ko for shooting with your GoPro!). Sounds great, but for a frequent skydiver, that’s a pretty desperate number. As it has been this way throughout the last 3 years, I did not really develop my free flying skills the way I hoped. It’s like with every sports or music instrument: As long as you practice frequently enough and train hard, your skills improve very fast in short time. Just let go for some weeks or a few months and you feel like a beginner again. You’ll need to train much harder to get back to your previous level. Continue reading…

ABC of Living Decisions

I’m writing this post based on experiences I had within the last weeks. I’ve noticed both good and bad examples for something I’ve taken for granted as a base skill: Living decisions. The post is about the “ABC” of living decisions, the difficulty, the importance of achieving clarity within an organization and handling change in a constructive and fair way. Keep on reading for my thoughts on staying authentic and building trust in your decision skills!

Give guidance and clarity with decisions.

Making decisions in a complex environment can be tough and having to make them might be a high pressure. That shouldn’t keep you from making them. In turn, I find it even more important to bring guidance into an organization with precise decisions when the environment resembles a jungle for everyone else.

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