12 schlechte Angewohnheiten und wie sie Deinen Führungsstil beeinflussen

Gerade einen schönen Eintrag auf “Smartblog on Leadership” gefunden: Internationale Junge Unternehmer wurden gefragt, welche Angewohnheit sie für sich gestrichen haben, um ihren Führungsstil zu verbessern. 12 Antworten wurden dort veröffentlicht. Einige sind die üblichen Verdächtigen. Andere Antworten sind nicht unter den geläufigen 1001 Tipps. Hier eine gekürzte Auswahl: Continue reading…

ABC of Living Decisions

I’m writing this post based on experiences I had within the last weeks. I’ve noticed both good and bad examples for something I’ve taken for granted as a base skill: Living decisions. The post is about the “ABC” of living decisions, the difficulty, the importance of achieving clarity within an organization and handling change in a constructive and fair way. Keep on reading for my thoughts on staying authentic and building trust in your decision skills!

Give guidance and clarity with decisions.

Making decisions in a complex environment can be tough and having to make them might be a high pressure. That shouldn’t keep you from making them. In turn, I find it even more important to bring guidance into an organization with precise decisions when the environment resembles a jungle for everyone else.

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Innovation must be a Leadership attitude

This post “Your Innovation Problem Is Really a Leadership Problem” by Scott Anthony points out several aspects that can help make (or keep) your organization innovative, focusing on the leadership team’s responsibilities.

In daily business, I see two things that seem to be in contradiction by nature: The quality you need for operational excellence vs. ‘fail-fast-attitude’ you need to push future innovation. My favorite quote: “[…] leaders have to figure out how to manage two distinct operating systems: one that minimizes mistakes and maximizes productivity in today’s business versus one that encourages experimentation and maximizes learning in tomorrow’s business. It isn’t either/or. It is both/and. […]”

Insist on quality and encourage experimentation – while this might be conflicting goals, you definitely need to bring them together!

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Three Things to Boost your Teams

Do you feel people in your teams start loosing the passion they once had for their work? There are simple signs you see: Decreasing creativity, solutions don’t come easily, team discussions for tend to get frustrating where they once were constructive, effort estimations let you shake your head because the team is trying to back-up.

Colleagues around you will easily see many reasons after profound analytics and come up with various good suggestions. They might be right, consider them. But try something simple first. Ask yourself, whether you as a leader have given your team the right direction. Check whether you have given the three things:

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