Render your ideas into facts – Moving minds with great note taking

Shoko Mugikura: Vertical? Horizontal? &   Stefan Kiefer: In the red frame @ TYPO Berlin

Source: Eva-Lotta Lamm

I remember that my fable for visual note taking started somewhere in school. Just writing down what the teacher said or assembling text as home work was not enough. I needed to add some life to it: Historical topics were framed with country shapes, architecture lessons on gothic churches were brightened up with sketches of windows or architectural artifacts.

Somewhere on the way through university, all this went lost. Meeting notes became all text, technical, detailed, boring and were almost never revisited. I wrote things down to better memorize them for myself, but that was quite a poor way. Then came Evernote which I still enjoy for its simplicity and benefit of searching, tagging and having it on every device I use. But still text only. Here’s how to get better.

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