Happy Birthday car2go Berlin!

Getting everything set up for April 26th meant a new challenge for our team. We had rolled out 8 cities before, but with 1000 smart vehicles, the fleet was more than double the size of any other car2go city before. Everything was prepared perfectly by the rollout team, people from every department supported the tight plan – and we made it! From 5 hubs we distributed 200 vehicles (each) in 2,5 days.

The first anniversary is a good opportunity to pull up the flickr photo set again. Enjoy!

Scaling Agile @ Spotify – H. Kniberg

Thanks to Lars for pointing me to this article. It’s a great insight on managing large teams over different locations efficiently. In his November 2012 article, Henrik Kniberg (also see my recent post from him introducing scrum) describes a team setup that combines scrum teams and keeps them interacting with each other.

It’s a challenge I’m currently facing as well setting up the new car2go and moovel development teams. I’ll definitely learn from that input for my further steps!


(Really) Simplify Legal Jargon

The Next Web highlights the “simplified” terms of service of a Twitter rival Heello, Pinterest and 500px in a recent post: Now this is how to write a terms-of-service document.

Don’t get too exited yet. It is a nice idea to highlight the essence of a lengthy, complicated text right next to it. But wouldn’t we all wish to just have easier to understand terms and conditions at all?

What real simplification is, can be seen in a TED session by Alan Siegel: Let’s simplify legal jargon!. He doesn’t mention terms of service explicitly, but he’d sure have an opinion about them.

Render your ideas into facts – Moving minds with great note taking

Shoko Mugikura: Vertical? Horizontal? &   Stefan Kiefer: In the red frame @ TYPO Berlin

Source: Eva-Lotta Lamm

I remember that my fable for visual note taking started somewhere in school. Just writing down what the teacher said or assembling text as home work was not enough. I needed to add some life to it: Historical topics were framed with country shapes, architecture lessons on gothic churches were brightened up with sketches of windows or architectural artifacts.

Somewhere on the way through university, all this went lost. Meeting notes became all text, technical, detailed, boring and were almost never revisited. I wrote things down to better memorize them for myself, but that was quite a poor way. Then came Evernote which I still enjoy for its simplicity and benefit of searching, tagging and having it on every device I use. But still text only. Here’s how to get better.

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Infographic: “Shareconomy Landscape Germany 2013”

I’ll leave out the question whether we really need a new word like “Shareconomy” for what we do…

Besides that, friendsurance has put together an Infographic showing the companies that form the German landscape of collaborative consumption. It’s beautifully laid-out as a subway net and combines car sharing, other mobility, finance, goods, coworking and more.