Get life structured: Track what’s important to you!

It’s March and it feels like New Year for me. Just one week ago, I dived into a beautiful way of tracking habits, inspired by Sean McCabe. It helps me to get a better overview of the aspects of life that are important to me right now. And it helps to improve them.

Although I write a journal in DayOne, sketch note daily impressions in my notebook, track my sports in the Activity App, there hasn’t been the one place for a good overview.

This changed with this simple layout:

The last week of February served as a test run. I was able to fill the workouts from my DayOne diary and the Activity App. Drawing got much nicer in March (see at the end of the post)!

After my first week in, I’m enormously excited about it and can only encourage you to try it for yourself. You can try it this or any other way. Just start the journey!

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Selber machen macht glücklich

Echte Kerzen am Weihnachtsbaum, die Familie musiziert, Kinder packen selbst gebasteltes Holzspielzeug aus. Klingt schön, aber alt und kitschig? Zum Weihnachtsfest 2013 haben wir uns einen Teil dieser traditionellen Weihnacht zurück geholt und dabei entdeckt, wie es uns und die Zeit erstaunlich bereichert hat.

Grund genug, den Jahreswechselurlaub – entgegen meinen Plänen – mit einem weihnachtlichen Eintrag abzuschliessen. Er soll zum Nachmachen animieren, vielleicht kann er Dir ein wenig Stress bei den nächsten Vorbereitungen sparen. Continue reading…

A cool Lego Calendar

A while ago I stumbled over an appealing idea: Use LEGO for calendaring. It makes planning across a team easier, delivers instant overview and adds a tactile element which makes the whole thing much more fun.

I did a quick research which showed that the idea is not brand new. Many people have created calendars by putting colored bricks on LEGO plates, but the most appealing one – how I find – is the one from a London agency “vitamindesign”. I quickly want to show you how that works.

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